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Copple Construction, LLC is a Licensed Builder who specializes in residential and light-commercial remodeling and repairs. Many of the projects are personally managed and all work is inspected by the owner, Kirk Copple. His attention to detail, knowledge, and experience in construction allows for a personal approach to your construction services. With your budget in mind, we can explain all of the options for your project and help you choose the best one for your needs. We have experience with many of the products on the market and can guide you through the choices.

A few small steps can have a dramatic effect on the cost, look, and durability. We have the experience and knowledge to choose the proper products and techniques and to provide the skilled labor necessary to complete your remodel properly, on time, and on budget. Specialists are brought in as needed. To protect our clients, we only use company employees and subcontractors who are properly licensed and insured.

Our mission is to:

• Develop a personal solution to your problems

• Complete the work to the highest standards

• Develop a trusting relationship with each client, so we are their first call every time

• Complete the work for a reasonable rate

We pride ourselves on completing projects on time, but will always take the extra time, if necessary, to ensure the work is completed properly. We rarely purchase the cheapest products, since we know the better products normally cost only slightly more. We understand the small extra cost is worth it for the increased speed of the installation, the improved look, and the increased durability/longevity of the finished project.

Our Philosophy

We believe in:

1.   Safety first!

2.   The duty to protect our Client's interests, including their health.

3.   Our Client’s satisfaction is our #1 goal.

4.   Open communication to enable a pleasant and successful remodeling experience.

5.   High standards for the look, performance, and longevity of the project.

6.   Choosing the right combination of products and techniques to bring the best value to our Clients.

7.   Completing projects on time, but always taking the extra time, if necessary, to ensure the work is completed properly.

8.   Being respectful and careful, as we are guests in a Client's home.

Our Process and Standards

To better serve our clients, we have developed a comprehensive remodeling process and standards.  

Our Remodeling Process