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Audio, Video, Communications, and Home Convenience

We understand the modern home and the multitude of systems which are available.  Low voltage systems that were not around 20 years ago are now standard in most homes.  Many people are interested in the convenience, money-savings, and time-savings available through the use of low voltage systems.  Allow us to explain the benefits of our Audio/Video, Communications, and Home Convenience Packages. There is a wide variety of systems and features, with more coming on the market every year. The last 10 years has seen an explosion in the amount of low voltage systems in a home. Traditionally, a home had phone/cable jacks in each room and a doorbell system, but that was it. The main connections were hidden in some dusty corner of the basement. Today, most homes have a metal enclosure (or two) in the basement with all of the low voltage wiring connections coming together. There are numerous other types of home systems to make your home more productive and comfortable. Some of these systems, like Drapery Controls and Smart HVAC Thermostats can eventually pay for themselves through reduced utility costs.  Some of these systems, like most alarm systems, are now wireless systems and don’t require running wires.

Structured Wiring - Phone, Cable, Data lines
Usually one wall plate in each room of the house with 2 Cat5e or Cat6 lines for phone and data, and 2 RG-6Q for cable/satellite. All tied together in a metal enclosure - Media Panel.

Distributed Audio and Video
Speakers with volume control in each room connected to a central location. Connect every TV in your home to a central Media Server, so you can access your DVR from any room, and pause in one room and restart in another.

Home Theatres
From the simpliest 5.1 Surround Sound System hooked to your TV, to a 9.2 Surround Sound, theatre seating, 8ft. screen, etc.

Home Automation Systems
Systems to interconnect lighting, appliances, door locks, TVs, A/V components, speakers, etc. to a central computer system, so everything can be controlled remotely.

Closed-Circuit/Wireless Cameras
Access from any TV or a dedicated TV. Night-time cameras, DVR systems, motion dectectors, internet-access, etc.

Cellular Signal Boosters
For your home or office. Many people use there cell phone more than any other phone. But many buildings block cell phone signals. A Repeater system can boost the signal inside the building. Systems available for one room or 500,000+ sq.ft.

Wireless Amplifiers/Repeaters
Most wireless internet routers broadcast a strong enough signal for even the neighbors to get your signal. But in certain homes there is an area or a separate structure that doesn't get a signal, but it's needed. A Repeater system can give a good signal to that space.

Smart HVAC Thermostats
These HVAC Thermostats can be set with a program to change the temperature and be accessed through the internet. They can also be linked to your computer to provide usage information.

Drapery Controls
With a small electric motor and control unit, your drapes or blinds can be operated at the touch of a button. In addition to the remote, they can be controlled remotely through internet-access. They can also be accessed by a monitoring program to open or close the blinds on each side of the house depending on where the sun is and what time of year it is, to lower your utility costs.

Remote Door Locks
Accessed either through the intercom system, remote, or remotely through internet-access. We also offer keypad, fingerprint, and FOB activated door locks.

Central Vacuum Systems
Even though these aren't exactly a low voltage system, they are part of the specialty systems for a new home. These systems are heavy-duty and last for many years. If you have the walls of a home open, then it's a smart financial move to install a central vacuum system. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it also will cost less in the long run than replacing multiple portable vacuums.

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