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Thank for considering Copple Construction , LLC for your Home Improvement and Repair project.  Whether you would like to a deck or have your house repainted, we can take care of it for you.  We are excellent troubleshooters for those hard to diagnose water leaks, electrical issues, or other home problems.

Repairs and installations in:

. . . and some repairs in other disciplines.

Specialists are brought in as needed.

Hourly Rate for Service Calls/Troubleshooting/Repairs/Inspections

$85/hour + Expenses (4 hr. Min.)

Daily, weekly, and other discounts are available.  Contact Us for complete details.  

Most standard work is billed as a Flat Fee instead of T&M.
Mileage Surcharge - $0.75/mile may be added for all work located over 20 miles from Franconia, VA.

Free Estimates
We are always happy to provide ball park estimates, good advice, and ideas over the phone or by email, for free. To ensure we spend most of our time completing projects for the reasonable rate that we charge, we prefer to give a ball park estimate by phone or email before arranging to meet to give an exact estimate. Depending on the distance from the office and size of the project, a small fee may apply to do a site visit and/or an exact estimate.

When contacting us, please give an exact description of the work and approximate lengths and square footage. Also include specifics of the worksite, including parking, obstacles, unusual conditions, etc. This will allow us to give the quickest and most accurate estimate.

For kitchen, bath, and other larger remodels a ball park estimate will be given after the initial meeting. Usually additional design time is necessary before being able to give an exact estimate.